Top 3 strategies for play the Dragon City effectively

Playing games is an excellent source of entertainment. That’s why the Social Point has developed the game known as Dragon City for iOS and Android. It is one of the most exciting games where the player will get the experience of breeding the dragons. It means the player is required to take care of the dragons like a kid and provide them training as per the winning aspect.

Here the player needs to earn the gems for compelling gameplay. That’s why he/she will take help from dragon city hacked. It is a kind of tool which is used for making the earning the gems at a higher rate without making any efforts.


Experience of breeding

For making the strong dragons, the player is required to take the experience of breeding. Moreover, through the background, the player will get knowledge about dragon eating. Try to make the combination of several dragons for saving the time.

Earn the currencies

The players are required to earn currencies for several benefits. In the game, the currencies are of three types Coin, Gems, and food. As much as the gamer will collect the currencies, then they will get more chance to unlock some exciting aspects.


For winning the fight, you need to train the dragons in several aspects. However, try to use the fire-breath dragon for making the battle easier. The fight can be between you and your friend.

Through the above strategies, a person can easily play the game for winning aspect. Make the dragons stronger for several benefits.