Everything That You Must Know About Homescapes


Have you ever played Homescapes? If no then you may also don’t know about the gameplay and its interesting aspects. You should download the game in order to start enjoying its gameplay. The game is introduced by the well-known game developer Playrix and it offered for Android and iOS devices. Beginners may don’t know about the real gameplay so they should understand the pure basics first before going to play the game. There are two different aspects present that are matching the pieces to complete levels and then redecorate the home. Redecoration of the home is not important and you can skip this thing and enjoy only by solving the puzzles on different stages.

Key facts related to game

If you are a fresher and don’t know more about the game then you should check out the below-mentioned details in order to enhance your knowledge. Some of the beneficial details are listed below:

·         Coins are the primary currency which can be earned in numerous ways. You can earn this by completing the different goals and stages present in the game. This is also beneficial and required to buy boosters and swapping the furniture and all.

·         The game features also allow the players to earn currency for free and also without playing the game. They just need to log in the game on daily basis and this will help them to collect daily rewards that they can get in the form of coins.

·         Connecting the game with Facebook is also one of the best features that allow you to win bonus and also to enjoy lots of other benefits. This can also help you to send requests to your friends so you can play with them. 

·         Stars are the premium currency that you can earn only by completing levels in the game or by using Homescapes Cheats 2020. With the help of these stars, you can decorate the home and also complete the different tasks related to decoration and all.

·         After decorating the home, you can also replace the furniture and then you can also exchange it whenever you want. For this, you just need to pay some coins and this can help you to make the home more beautiful and as according to your desire.

 In addition to this, there are many other facts that you have to know so you can play the game in an effective manner and also level up quickly.